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I am an integrative physician, natural health consultant, author and entrepreneur.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is a distinct and emerging specialty that merges the best of conventional medicine with lifestyle education and natural health modalities.

In undergrad I majored in biochemistry and upon finishing my degree I was excited about taking the next step and following in the footsteps of my grandfather by going to medical school. But that idea hit an immediate obstacle when I took my first look at the medical school curriculum. I was shocked to learn there was not one course taught on nutrition. The same was true for exercise, stress management or any other lifestyle elements I was convinced were either causing or contributing to most peoples health issues.

As a personal trainer and student of health and nutrition, I knew I was going to have to look elsewhere for the education I wanted.

I attended up attending Bastyr University, one of a handful of integrative medical schools in the United States. The focus is on training physicians to be experts in the fields of natural health, wellness, and lifestyle medicine. I spent six years at Bastyr University earning a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and becoming a licensed family physician in the state of Washington.

Want to take a look at what the education was like?  CLICK HERE

Natural Health Consultant

One of the core tenets of naturopathic medicine is  “doctor as teacher”. I discovered that working in a traditional medical clinic left very little time for lifestyle education and far too much emphasis on early detection medicine.

I quickly shifted away from practicing medicine to teaching individualized health and wellness. I switched from working with patients to consulting with clients. This allowed me to focus on the big rocks of healing and help my clients deal with the real causes of chronic disease and obstacles to healing.

I now work with clients internationally consulting on every thing from weight loss, athletic performance and chronic disease. Most of my work and consulting can be accessed online in self-study “courses” where you work with me “virtually” through daily recorded videos, emails and written material. Interested in consulting or an online program? CHECK METABOLIC EFFECT’S ONLINE EDUCATION OR CONTACT THE CLINIC


I am the author of two popular books The Metabolic Effect Diet (AKA The New ME Diet) and Lose Weight Here. Both books written with my brother Dr. Keoni Teta.

In 2010 my brother Keoni and I published a book called the New Me Diet, which was later released in paper back as The Metabolic Effect Diet. The book was ranked by Time Magazine as one of the best new diet books of 2010. FIND THE BOOK HERE

The second book is called Lose Weight Here published April 2015 by Rodale. This book can be considered The Metabolic Effect Diet 2.0 and has been called “the diet book to end all diet books” because it shows why diets themselves are a major cause or contributing factor to obesity and teaches readers how to finally escape the diet trap. FIND THE BOOK HERE.

I am also the Author of the blockbuster infomercial and internet workout Metabolic Aftershock. FIND IT HERE


In 2005 after returning home to start my integrative medicine consulting practice, I started a small local bootcamp with the idea of developing a workout and lifestyle system individualized to people’s unique metabolic expression, psychological sensitivities and personal preferences.

This company, Metabolic Effect Inc. known by the acronym ME, is now an international fitness company with over one thousand certified fitness professionals across the globe. The ME workouts are conducted in gyms around the United Stares, Canada, UK and Europe. The Metabolic Effect online fat loss programs have served thousands all over the world.

The power of the internet has allowed me to leverage my health, fitness and weight loss expertise to reach people far beyond my local clinic. In response to the urging of many of my friends and colleagues to teach them the internet business, I started a project called Time Millionaires that teaches health and fitness professionals how to completely free their time, love their work again and build a silent recurring revenue by leveraging the internet.

Learn more about Metabolic Effect HERE.  Learn more about Time Millionaires HERE

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